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Who Is Salt-X?

Salt-X Amine Solutions Inc. is a private Alberta company formed to provide a range of amine purification solutions:

Short-term onsite purification services

Regular purification service contract

Equipment rentals and sales

Operation and service contracts


The Problem

Amine solutions used in gas processing and oil refining can become contaminated due to the formation of heat stable salts (HSS).

Problems caused by HSS

  • Corrosion byproducts cause foaming and solids loading on filters.
  • HSS directly cause increased foaming.
  • HSS “bind” with free amine which reduces the amount available to absorb acid gases (H2S and CO2).
  • Corrosion breaks down and shortens the life of the amine circuit.

The Solution

  • Dispose and replace contaminated amine chemistry – partially or completely.
  • OR

  • Purify the amine chemistry by removing only the contamination.

Purification Technology

Salt-X is the exclusive supplier of mobile Eco-Tec Amipur systems for use in purification services in Canada. Amipur systems have been used around the world since 1998.

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